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Dialysis Machines

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) also may use equipment. One form of PD uses a machine known as a cycler. The cycler exchanges the solution that goes into the abdomen. This typically occurs while the patient sleeps.

Dialysis Access Monitoring

Once your catheter is mature and ready to use you will be doing your own care of the exit site. Follow these guidelines to keep your access healthy:

  • A healthy exit site is dry, clean and has no redness or pain.
  • Clean & monitor your access daily to prevent serious problems.
  • Skin around the exit site should not be red or swollen.
  • Drainage at the exit site may mean an infection and needs to be reported to the doctor or nurse immediately.
  • Sometimes small scabs can form at the exit site. Do not remove these scabs. Your nurse will teach you how to take care of these areas.
  • Feel the catheter tunnel (where the catheter is under the skin). There should be no swelling or tenderness.
  • Your exit site should not hurt.
  • Inspect the catheter and adapter regularly for cracks as bacteria or other contaminants can get in and cause infection.
  • Always secure the catheter end to your skin or dressing to prevent tension and tugging.
  • Shower daily following and wear clean clothes.
  • Do not put anything on your exit site such as lotion, powder or creams without checking with your doctor or nurse first.